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As a freelance Interpreter and Translator, I have worked for various clients.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you require references, as any of them would be happy to attest to the high quality of my work.

Claire Albaret, Operations Director at AMCV-COO

"Roxane is an excellent professional: skilled, reliable, competent and flexible. She followed a whole delegation non-stop for a week in both meetings and on-site visits instantly adapting to these various situations, cultures, and diverse speakers (more than 25 different speakers in 6 days) with as many accents. On top of her professional skills, she is an easy-going, bright and fun person to work with, catching the spirit of a whole group. I can only wish to work with such collaborators all the time"

Anne-Marie Chabbert, wine expert and journalist

“I am a wine expert and external communication manager at an engineering and interior design office. In 2016, a new website was designed for our company. Therefore, we decided that we needed our documents translated into English. This was when I called Roxane Hugues. Roxane was highly responsive, flexible and discreet; and she always delivered high-quality translations, ‘weighing’ each and every word to make sure she understood its meaning and taking care not to distort the message. Translating is one thing but dealing with highly technical words requires a certain expertise, flexibility and a keen mind. Roxane possesses all these qualities.”

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